…Today I am sharing with you my mess!

 Aren’t you happy?


Come on ladies! 

I am sharing with you the pictures we never take…

The images before the after…

The truth behind each project…

 The process… the way… the journey to the final WOW!



Originally I took  these shots thinking about sharing one or two of them on Facebook.

{ Looking for your pity and support }

As I was going through the pictures however a bunch of thoughts crossed my mind while looking at them…

as if the images were talking to me.

” Hey you!

You behind the lens… What do you see?”


Honestly sometimes when we are in the middle of a mess all we can see is the clutter…

the unwanted items, the chaos around us, the things that are falling apart.

Messes come to us in every single shape and form…

some messes are so personal and deep that we may think that there is not a way out!

Boo to that thought!

There is ALWAYS a way OUT!


At times standing in the middle of our messes the “glitter of life” can take part of the background,

really… back there,  out of focus as we choose just to see the glitter that had being lost, waisted or spilled.



…Focusing in such a waste sometimes we are in danger to miss those sweet hands around us.

Those people that kindly are trying to help us  pick the glitter up and bring back the sparkle that belong to us.

{ I love the label of this tiny glass capsule… pure gold }


The thing is that no matter how hard we try life offers us messes… many of them.


Because they make us cleaner, stronger and determined

{ Don’t let any type of mess take you down, beat you or overwhelm you. NEVER! }


In the middle of my mess, sitting on the floor I reached as fast as I could for my camera and just in time I was able to capture this magical moment.



What is the magic on a dirty floor, a piece of tape and ugly ladder and the stinky feet?

Boo… again if you are thinking that!

Well… there is magic.

You see… no matter what stage of life we are in…

{ perhaps for some in college, some on the verge of getting married, some on the verge of starting a family, some in the middle of a loss, some of us broken, some of us healed, some with wrinkled faces and some with wrinkled hearts }

no matter how deep into a mess we are, we have been or will be in, we can arise from it and go to a higher ground.

Here comes the magic…

Having the faith to let go from it and take that first step that puts us in charge.

She did it!



…one step at a time.


…one foot after the other


until we reach that higher place from where we can see more clearly

what we need to do next.


From there we may see our true colors.

Those that we perhaps lost somewhere in the middle of the mess and we could not find.


From there we may be reminded of those little things that give us simple joy…

For me a cup of Hot chocolate…


…a good magazine



… the innocence in my daugter’s eyes.


and her messy smile.


When I focus in the final “WOW” instead of the present mess

my life just becomes better and little hidden messages of encouragement start popping out from all over the place…



 So today in the middle of the chaos, in the room that looks worse than yesterday,

with my hands covered in paint and with furniture half painted…



I am going to enjoy my mess!

And Mimi is too!

{ Check out her own fashion style! So darn CUTE! }

No wonder I could not find my Sharpies…


 What a mess!

Love it!




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