Hi! My name is Anni and this week we are doing a lot of activities in my classroom at school.
One of my favorite ones has been making paper beads. This is how I made my own beads at home…
You’ll need…
Mod Podge Glue, Magazines, Straws, Brush and Scissors.
First, cut colorful paper in a long triangle shape from any magazine you have.
Second, add glue to the inside of the paper and roll it around the straw starting with the widest end to the point of the triangle.
After the triangle is rolled paint the outside of the bead with some more glue. Make as many beads as you want just make sure they don’t touch each other on the straw.
Let it dry and then cut them
as wide as you would like them to be.
I made a little bracelet with mine.
Here it is!
I hope you love it
and have fun making your own beads.
I {Desiree} think it was so cute of her to ask me to feature her on my blogShe did the entire project by herself while I took the pictures…You go girl!
These beads are ADORABLE and so is she!
Here are some other Kid Craft Ideas that we love! 

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