With May around the corner it is time to start thinking about gifts for Mother’s Day

I am bringing you today some amazing handmade  gifts that I hope you love

and that our mom’s will appreciate.

Here they are.

 Gifts for Mother's Day


I love this first idea!

Make her a DIY Tablet Holder from an old Cutting Board.

Mamie Jane’s  got her cutting board at a Thrift Store for a dollar!

DIY Tablet Holder... Perfect for Mother's Day

Tutorial @ Mamie Jane’s


Make Picture Magnets from Jar Lids.

I made these ones for my mama and mother in law last year.

They are so easy to make!

You can find the tutorial here at The 36th Avenue.

Jar Lid Magnets by the36thavenue.com A cute and affordable handmade gift!



DIY Dollar Store Hot Pads.

Seriously, this gift is always a hit.

Give a set of Dollar Store Hot Pads a makeover in minutes.

I love to give them with a homemade bread.

So cute!

Tutorial by The 36th Avenue

DIY Dollar Store Hot Pads by the36thavenue.com



Hand painted Camera Straps @  Design Love Fest

Oh the possibilities!



DIY Silhouette Pendant Necklace @ The Crafted Sparrow.

I love the idea of giving a mom the Silhouette of her child.

I would love to receive this from my kids.

DIY Silhouette Necklace via SNAP!



Daisy Flower Paper Clips by A pumpkin and a princess.

Get her favorite book or magazine and give these paper clips as book marks.


How to make flower paper clips



I love this idea over at marthastewart.com

Mother’s Day Herb Garden Kit!


Handmade Stamped Washer Necklaces

You can stamp any special word for mom.

Get the tutorial here at The 36th Avenue.


I love these handmade fabric covered bead necklaces by  Eat, Sleep, Make.

Very cute!

fabric covered bead necklaces 2



Handmade envelope cell phone case @ SwellMayde





Handmade Thread Wrapped Love Necklace.

Amazing tutorial over at Studs and pearls



No Sew Ruffle Tote Tutorial over at Scattered thoughts of a crafty mom




Frame mom’s favorite pictures with these Mod Podge Frames.

Fantastic tutorial by my friend Melisa from Number 2 Pencil.

Mod Podge Fabric frames with Antique Matte Mod Podge



Lace belt tutorial @ Make it perfect


Mom Ticket Printable

I love this idea over at Martha Stewart.

Give your mom a movie night.

You can get together with your sisters or siblings and choose her favorite all time movies.




I am personally grateful to be my mama’s daughter.

I hope this round up inspires you to create a special Mother’s Day gift that

will show your own mom how special she is.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.




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