Just las night we made as a family our traditional Nutcracker Village…



As I was looking at my children full of excitement building up their little ginger bread houses I was reminded of why I love Christmas so much…

I love the sweet feeling that comes with it.

I love the music that fills the air with memories and the sparkle in my kids’ eyes that magically takes me back to my own childhood.

I realized how BIG these small moments are when I felt that their tiny hands were not just  building a village but they were building up my heart.



Christmas to me is a memory that lasts forever and gets bigger each year.

It is a time of celebration, a time for family, for thankful hearts, a time of laughter and a time of remembrance.

Tonight while looking at my children I thought of my Savior…

I tried to picture him as a child and imagine those tender moments where Mary and Joseph saw him building a Kingdom of his own.

I hope I never forget how perfect every child is in there own way and how precious is the power inside of them to dream, to explore, to believe, to build…


{ Here are our little ones’ creations… }





If I tell you the truth I hope I never allow myself to forget the child inside of me and my own right to dream,

to explore to believe and build…


… We have just six days before Christmas.

It is my personal goal to build something this week.

Perhaps to build up someone else’s self-esteem with a simple compliment,

perhaps build up someone’s hope with a tender act of kindness,

perhaps build up my own heart as I openly embrace more deeply the spirit of Christmas.

My children taught me last night how much a little moment with those we love can build…



Wishing You a Sweet Sunday.

Merry Christmas my Friends!




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