I don’t know about you but I think it is harder to find gifts for men than for woman.

For Father’s Day my little ones and I made a wreath for Matt.



A wreath? For Matt? A man?

Well… yes!

Let me show it to you first before you judge our gift choice.


Fun huh?

As the picture shows this is a message wreath.  

Under each paper circle our kiddos wrote something that they will do for their papá.

Some of them were so funny… Sometimes I wonder how in the world they come up with these things.



Punch or cut a bunch of circles and then fill them with messages or acts of service for daddy.

Keep in mind things that he loves that way the wreath will become even more special.


While the children wrote I wrapped the wreath with paper.

Then we pinned all the notes to the wreath… I laughed so hard when I saw the “spend all your money” one.

Meaning my daughter spending her papa’s money!


After it is all pinned it would look like this…


For the last step I added my own note. 

To make the envelope to match the wreath. I traced part of it, then cut and glued it to the inside. 


All I had left was to write my thankful note for Matt and pin it to the wreath.

He is truly my best friend and the coolest dad ever!


So just like that we made a fun, colorful and meaningful wreath for Father’s Day.

Service, a good breakfast and a bunch of candy will make Matt the happiest guy on the earth.

Make a cute message wreath with sweet thoughts and notes for mom and dad. So sweet! the36thavenue.com


Note for Matt: Anyone can be a Daddy but it takes someone special to be a papá.

We love you my love!


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Besos to all!



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