DIY Melted Beads Crafts and Accessories are so much fun to make! My girls love making hair accessories and handmade jewelry with them and also they make the cutest party favors and handmade gifts… Take a look!

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Have you ever made accessories with melted beads? They are so fun and easy to do!

During the weekend we made some melted bead jewelry and a few bookmarks.

My girls could not stop making their own earrings and seriously this is so affordable that

you don’t feel bad when they lose them.

Look how cute they look… So fun!

If you have never melted beads before let me tell you, this is a 15 minute project.

You can make a ton of jewelry, bookmarks, hair clips, and even magnets for under $5.


Color Pony Beads – Find them HERE

Parchment Paper – Find It HERE

Optional: Toaster Oven – Find It HERE


The first thing you want to do is preheat your toaster oven at 425 degrees F.

While the toaster oven heats up place a baking parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet.

Make the shapes placing your beads to your like.

Have fun mixing colors and playing with different combinations.

You can see below what the beads look like before and after melting.

The flowers will take 10 minutes to melt. The earrings will take between 8 to 10 minutes.

Important: This is an OUTSIDE project.

Plug you toaster oven outside and play in your backyard!

Update: Some of my readers have shared that they have melted the beads in a gas grill  outside and it worked. So there you have two clever options to melt the beads out of the kitchen.

Brilliant idea!

Here is how the single beads look after melting.

After the melted beads have cooled down pull them out.

You can create a bunch of things with them.

We made hair clips…


…and my favorite, the earrings and rings.

Simply glue the backs to the melted beads.

UPDATE: I have a reader that suggested to use E3000

or a similar epoxy glue for a stronger bond,

 that way they won’t fall apart.

Do the same to make the ring…

These accessories make the cutest party favors and gifts.

Assemble them in a small tag and give them for birthday and Christ.mas presents

You even have time to make them for Easter Baskets.

My girls and their friends love them!

And I love them too…

 Thank you for the visit my friends… Have a colorful day!



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