Mason Jar Crafts are affordable and adorable. This week I’ll be sharing along with other bloggers my new Wedding In A Jar Collection. These Groom and Bride Jars are perfect for wedding gifts or wedding decorations. They can be filled with extra cash for the newly weds or their favorite treats as a welcome home gift. They are super cute!

Mason Jar Crafts- DIY Groom and Bride Jars at Cutest wedding gift ever!

Ready to see how it is done? Here we go!

Mason Jar Crafts- DIY Groom and Bride Jars at Cutest wedding gift ever!



{ Click on the links below to find these materials! }

1 Pint Size Jar { Groom }

 1 8oz. Jar { Bride }

White Spray Paint Primer, Gold Spray Paint, White Flat Spray Paint, Black Spray Paint,

Painters Tape, Black Felt, 1/4 Yard White Tulle, Embellishments. 

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks.


Mason Jar Crafts- DIY Groom and Bride Jars at Cutest wedding gift ever!




Prime both jars and their lids. When they are done, spray paint the smaller jar in white and the larger jar in black.

For the bride spray paint the lid ring in gold and the lid cover in white.

For the broom paint the lid ring in white and the lid cover in black.


Dress Up!

After the black paint is dry make a V shape using tape. Paint the V area with white acrylic paint. 

After it is dry carefully remove the tape and use a gold or black marker to make small dots for buttons.

The Bow Tie

While the jar is drying cut a 2×3 inch piece of black felt and a small piece of felt for the center of the bow tie.

With your fingers press the middle of the larger piece of felt together to make the shape of a bow. You can use a black rubber band to keep the shape of the bow in place if you want. 

Wrap the small piece of felt around the pressed area and glue both ends together using hot glue. Cut off the extra felt.

Glue the bow tie to the jar… You are done!

The Bride’s Veil

{ You want to fill up the jar before you do this step! }

Fold the tule in half and then in half again.

Put it on top of the lid and place the lid ring around it. You can adjust it and  use hot glue to keep it in place. 

Grab the back side and pull them up on top of the lid. Use a piece of white string or thread to tied it together and cut the extra string. 

Glue a sparkling embellishment or a small flower right on top of the knot to finish up the look!

Glue a piece of lace or pom pom trimming around the jar to add some extra cuteness! 

You are done!

They will make the cutest gift for the cutest couple!

I’m teaming up with some other of my favorite bloggers in a Mason Jar Series!

I can’t wait for you to see what they have created!

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