Among all of the hundreds of things that I love to do I have to say that spending time with my family is NUMBER ONE. So let me share with all of you one of the latest activities that we did together in our backyard. I call this…. OUR GIANT GAME BOARD. These are the basic items that I used:
A pair of wood dice that I made from 4×4 lumber, masking tape to make the game board, and chalk.

For the activities I got a bunch of little games from Target in the Dollar aisle… LOVE THE CRAZY BRIGHT COLORS!

…The first thing we did was make the “board” for the game with the tape and write with the chalk different activities that the children suggested on each of the empty spaces… Some of the SUMMERLICIOUS fun included:

 Water fight, sing a song, do the chicken dance, make a silly face, jump on the trampolineand some other fun stuff.
 I {♥} the “finish and “start” that one of my girls made with the masking tape.
Then we were ready to play!
Basically all we did was roll the pair of dice right on the floor.
One of them had numbers that represented how many spaces the person playing should move. And the second dice had actions as “group hugs”,  “lose a turn”,  “go back one space” and so on.
The hit of the game however was the “Crazy  Hat”, because whoever ended up with the hat on their head won a special treat…

So…Let me share with you some of the pics of our favorite activities… The noodle fight while JUMPING on the trampoline was


{ TRAMPOLIN” is what you get when a Spaniard asks her 10 years old daughter how to spell TRAMPOLINE …Oops!  }

…I almost got killed in the balloon water fight!

…The kids loved the Spoon Egg Race.

This was ADORABLE!

My favorite however were the simple little activities as

“Be a CLOWN”

“PUT a Silly Face”

and of course the best one of all for me… “REST FOR A TURN AND LET YOUR MAMA KISS YOU ;)”

When we were done playing it took less than 5 minutes to clean up… {ALWAYS A PLUS IN OUR HOME} We just put everything back inside of the box that I prelabeled using vinyl…

…and cleaned the deck with water to get rid of the chalk.

This would be a great easy idea for any summer or birthday party. Don’t keep the tape on your deck… the sun will bake the tape and you’ll NEVER be able to remove it AGAIN… TRUST ME!
I am thinking to use the “board” idea for some other theme activities as a remedy for the “I am bored”syndrome that at least my children seem to have all summer long 😉 “Nature Hunts” or “Pretend School” are some of the themes that came into my mind…

Who would know that a roll of Dollar $tore Masking Tape could create so much fun!

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