Hi Friends!

I want to welcome you to the fabulous world of jewelry and accessories

 Styled by Tori Spelling.



I had so much fun while working on this post!

I have received many boxes in the mail but nothing as fantastic and exciting as this.



 This jewelry Styled by Tori Spelling is not just stylish and beautiful but super easy to make and affordable.

You can put together or change the look of your jewelry in just seconds

and the best part is that you don’t need any tools to do so!

These little guys and other sets similar to this one will do the trick for you.

Meet the brilliant connectors!


 This is how it works:

First you choose your pieces and second you connect them together.

I chose for this tutorial to mix and match some Glam and Bohemian pieces.


I promise you anyone can work with this jewelry, even a child could figure it out.

 The connector will open when you press against it.

Just like this…


After it is open all you need to do is insert the top and bottom pieces of your necklace

 to connect them all together. It’s as simple as that!



In just a few minutes you  can make yourself a necklace…

Honestly you have to admit that this is the coolest thing EVER!

Look how cute those connectors are… I love the detail!


 I could be done at this point but for the love of coral I had to add one more necklace bottom.


 Take a look!


Now listen carefully the great news.

 You can do the same thing with earrings, bracelets and even pendants.

There are specific connectors for each of them.

 Here is a bracelet for you.



Choose your pieces.



Connect them.



Enjoy it!



 I love the fact that you can mix and match colors and styles.

Now I want to warn you: This jewelry is addictive.

After you make one you want to make one more…




…And another one.

Look how cute this one is. My girls are loving life!



And of course I am loving life too!

I don’t even know how many people have asked me where I got my necklace that I made.


Easy, fun, affordable and the best part is that

Styled By Tori Spelling jewelry is available at Michaels and Jo-Anns.

You may find that pieces may vary by store but I have seen them already there!


I would love for you to stay connected.

 Styled by Tori Spelling Facebook page is AWESOME.

They are constantly adding more pictures and ideas there.

Also make sure to follow on Twitter.


Thank you so much Tori for putting together such an EXTRAORDINARY collection for

the everyday woman.

I love the look, the price and the possibilities!



Now don’t forget to party and link up your projects HERE.

 It is Thursday my friends now it is your turn to show me EXTRAORDINARY!


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 I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Darice and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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