Last Saturday my family and I went to spend a few well needed hours outdoors.

Last week was a long week for me.

I was terribly sick with fever for five days and Saturday I woke up without energy.

Even though I felt exhausted  I decided to get off of the sofa and go explore our beautiful Sand Dunes here is Southern Utah.

Thanks to my husband for inviting me more than once to do so!


Yesterday in contrast Mimi and I spent a big portion of our day in the Doctor’s Office taking care of this…


As I saw Mimi lying down while the doctor did the stitches the sentence “make it count” crossed my mind.

Before we knew we were on our way back home.

Mimi was asleep in the back of the car and again the same words came back to my mind.

Such a small accident { a neighbor’s dog bit her little ear } inspired me to get home and look at the pictures from last Saturday.

This is what I found…


A sweet smile crossed my face and the words make it count made more sense all of a sudden.

Life is just a moment…

One day we can be playing in the lake trouble free and the next day I can find myself worrying to death,

 wishing that it was me the one getting stitches instead of my little girl.


Life is just a moment…

We don’t have power over many things that happen but I believe we have the power to learn and make each moment count.


Today my post is a simple invitation to live today fully.

If you have to work… do it with a smile.

If you have to cry… do it with intent.

If you want to laugh… call an old friend.

If you want to know how loved you are… genuinely  love someone else.


I invite myself to make TODAY count!

To do something that makes a difference in not just my life but in the life of someone else.

Today I will pay attention and count one extra blessing

I will dance with my kids without shoes on top of their beds.

I will read a book to my Mimi under her sheets with a flashlight.

I will cook for my family with some extra love and I will set the table as I would do for a special guest.


I will make it count!

Let’s make it count!


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Happy Wednesday My Friends!


If you are new to my blog I want to welcome you!

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