What could you do with $50?

What about if I tell you that you could completely change the look of a room with it?

What about if I tell you can make the ugly pretty,

the ordinary extraordinary, the old new, and the forgotten the highlight of your home?

Check this OUT!


OK, I know!

The ceiling fan has to go, but focus here…

What about changing your walls and giving your furniture a makeover for 50 bucks?

What about going from this mess of unfinished walls and mix-matched furniture…


…to modern clean looking walls and furniture that belongs together thanks to color.

I didn’t finish decorating my boy’s room on purpose.

I want you to see what the power of paint alone can do for you.


How do you do it?

Our friends over at Lowe’s are challenging YOU to come up with your own makeover!

 And they are giving one of you a $50 gift card to create your own extraordinary  makeover.




This is how you do it.


You go shopping… Lowe’s style!

{no makeup needed }


Do you see JC up there?

Do you know that this guy knows the difference between pink and magenta?

What? I know! Pretty impressive!



Have fun!

The best part of a makeover is to share the moment with those you love.

Here we are, my best friend Wanda Ann and I making it happen.


How do you like the paint on my hair?




Just step back and say:

WOW! Lowe’s rocks!

You may go so crazy that you feel inspire to stencil your old rugs with the leftover paint.


Now it is your turn!

Lowe’s and I want to challenge you to look around and pick a project in your own home.

Enter to win the $50 Gift Card from Lowe’s.

Then post your 50 Makeover on the Lowe’s Idea Exchange!


Next week I will announce the lucky winner during the link party when I’ll show you an

even BIGGER project that we have done together.

My girls Bedroom.

Can you believe this room used to be a covered patio?


Here is another angle…



Yes… Lowe’s ROCKS!

By the way should we use the Baseball or the Surf quilt?

Trying to decide here!




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