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My life has been touched many times by ACTIONS from others.

My life has been blessed by  people that didn’t just think about doing good things or said kind things,

but actually did good things for me and for others.


 I am sharing today a piece of my heart with yours.

 Please forgive me if today’s post is a little bit too personal.

Let me tell you something about me that I’m sure you don’t know.

As a young child there were few nights when we went to bed a bit hungry.

I could write an entire book about those years and the many miracles behind them.

 Let me make the story short for you saying that sometimes you get to have everything you want

and sometimes you wish to have  the little things you need.

I guess for us back then it was time to appreciate the little things we had.

I always say that I am so grateful for the opportunity God gave me to have less for a little while.


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I know it sounds crazy!

Even though we had no money the mercies from above were always around us.

We always had shelter, humble clothing, friends and family that loved us,

and we had in our empty cabinets enough faith to go on.

When you have little you get to see more clearly the good in others,

 and I think others are more willing to see the best in you.


Back then across the street from us used to live a couple.

It is sad I don’t remember their names but I clearly can see in my mind their sweet faces.

They owned a small tiny grocery store that they had built in what seemed to be the front of their home.

It just had a counter and shelves behind it filled with cans and things like that.

 Something like you would see now just in movies or in the smaller towns of my island.


For the longest time the sweet old man that owned the store would call us.

He would tell us that my mom told him to give us a sandwich and a juice and that she will pay him later.

Every time I chose the same sandwich.

  We would eat with such pleasure knowing that perhaps that could be the only meal for that day.

As I said this happened quite often as long as we lived there.


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Life is full of surprises!

 Little by little our life turned around and we moved from that neighborhood into a better area leaving behind the days of hunger.

One day many years later I was talking to my mom in the comfort of her nice home and asked her how she paid for our sandwiches if we had no money.

Surprised by my question she asked me what I was talking about.

In little words I explained to my mama what I just shared with you.

Tears filled my eyes as we both understood that she had never asked this sweet couple to give us anything.

They just did it expecting nothing in return. 

They did it moved by the goodness of their hearts.



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I believe that we all have angels around us.

Don’t you believe that?

 Some of them touch our lives filling our bellies with “sandwiches”,

but some of them change our lives feeding our souls with their

kindness and goodness.


I never saw that couple again.

I am sure that both of them have passed away but their legacy of love and compassion

for me and my brother would live forever.

Their example changed my life.


 I firmly believe that all of us have the power to make this world a better one

 if we are free of selfishness and we do unto others what the best of mankind can do unto us.

I really believe this world can be as good as

you and I are willing to make it!


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