Living Room Decor Ideas inspired by industrial and modern farmhouse design.

Home decor can become a bit complicated when you live in a house full of people! You may like farmhouse decor and your husband may like minimalist modern style. Your teenagers may like bohemian decor ideas while your younger kids would probably prefer a colorful retro or vintage style. In our home we are lucky and all of us have a similar taste. We love neutral colors, believe less is more, and have a love for industrial and modern farmhouse design.

Our living room is the heart of our home, where we gather!  For the longest time it has been the room that I’ve put on the back burner because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do with it. During the last few weeks it has finally received some love and I’m so excited to open the doors of our home today and give you a tour of our new living room! 


Let’s take a look!

The first thing we did was to give the entire fireplace a makeover. We had a local carpenter build the new fireplace and the side cabinets. I wanted it to have clean lines and he did a wonderful job! 


Then my husband did the shiplap wall to give the entire area a finished look. I love how this space turned out! 

Living Room Decor Ideas inspired by industrial and modern farmhouse design.


I chose cozy pillows, blankets, and throws to make this room more inviting. I’m obsessed with the pillows! 


Another area that the carpenter built was this snack center. It added so much needed storage since our pantry is tiny! 


The rest of the decor is seasonal, make sure to come back in a  week to see our Christmas decor! 


I love spending time here with my family and friends and it makes me so happy that the heart of our home is finally finished! 


Do you like this look? 


1. Black Leather Sectionals – 2. Artificial Hanging Plants – 3. Table Lamps – 4. Rustic Wood Frames

5. Shag Rugs – 6. Fur PillowsBuffalo Check Pillow – 7. Soft Throw Blankets

8. Wall Sconces – 9. Farmhouse Wood Tables – 10. Baskets


Last week I shared our modern farmhouse entryway makeover.

If you missed it make sure to click HERE and take a look! 

Farmhouse Entryway


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I have always dreamed of having a farmhouse and I’ve always hoped to live the country life one day. I have to confess that I have spent hours and hours pinning farmhouse kitchensbathrooms, and farmhouse decor ideas over the years . There is something about the mountains, rivers, fresh air, and farmland that speak to my soul. After all of these years I’m so happy to say that this dream of mine has come true. 


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