I’ve been putting together some inspiration boards for my living room makeover.


Each house has a voice, hopefully it says a lot about those that live in it.

Here are four of the inspiration boards  that I put together for our own family room.


ocean tones

I love the soothing tones of this color palette.

Cool tones can make a room look fresh and clean.

pieces source here


Three more to go!

earth tones

This color palette is a little brighter. The pops of red brings attention to the eye.

These greens have a yellow undertone that make the space warm and cozy,

bringing the outdoors into the indoors.

pieces source here



Here the high contrast between black and white are balanced

by the neutral soft tones of grays and natural elements such as the baskets and plants.

The yellow gives the space a modern flair and a bold pop of color.

It is fun and young.

piece by piece here



This is so me!

I love that here is the texture instead of the color what makes this space interesting and warm.

Overlaying patterns and different tones of neutrals can be as striking as bold colors.

piece by piece here


All four have the same sofa since I am not changing mine.

We love our couch and that is a part of the room that will stay for sure.

 Keep in mind that the personal touches is what makes a house a home.

These are just combinations of colors and accessories that we like,

hopefully the final project is what we’ll love.


For more tips about understanding and  using color,

make sure to check out one of my favorite post.

How to use the color wheel.


So… which one is your favorite?

The ocean tones, the earth tones, the modern look, or the neutral tones?

Leave me a comment I would love to hear your opinion!

Don’t forget to come back to link up your projects!

The link party starts at midnight!



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