DIY Home Projects sometimes don’t have to be huge. Sometimes small changes can make a huge home improvement. Today I’m going to share how to give your old on top of the fridge kitchen cabinet a new fresh look.

Accent Shelf Tutorial


That’s right… Today I am sharing with you what I call the forgotten cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet TUTORIAL { }


I am talking about the one found on top of the fridge.

 The one that many of us don’t see because BOXES OF CEREAL are covering it.

I am talking about this poor sad cabinet.

{ By the way this is how the kitchen used to look after the counter-tops makeover}


Well, I HATE things on top of the fridge.

Seriously, I have a problem with it.

So I decided to give the forgotten cabinet some love.

Make it perhaps a small focal point, a shelf more than a cabinet.


This is what I did…



My sweet hubby took the cabinet out of the wall for me.

Then the first thing I did was remove the doors.



Because the inside of it has that laminate particle wood I wasn’t comfortable using paint to make it white.

Instead I used white vinyl. I cut pieces as big as each side of the interior of the cabinet and carefully placed the vinyl.

It turned out perfect!

{ I am pretty sure you can find white adhesive vinyl in the kitchen areas at your convenient stores}



The next step was to cover the back of it with some bead-board.

Instead of cutting a piece from a huge board I used the type Home Depot sales in slats, the kind that you snap together.

I recommend doing this for small projects like this one and use a radial saw to cut them.




After this step I was ready to have some fun.

We hung it back up, secured the boards to the back with a nail gun, { you can use liquid nails if you don’t have a nail gun} and painted the entire piece white.



To dress up the shelf I used the color accents of our new old kitchen: yellow, green and red.


I decorated it with items that belong to the kitchen.

Things like cook books.

This is a great way to store your books and  make them a part of the decor.


Because the kitchen is white any color is welcome…

Oh, I am a HAPPY girl!


I thought you may wonder where I found some of my accessories.

The bowls came from Tai Pan for under $4 each.

I love retro and vintage so I thought this new display shelf would be a perfect place to showcase some of my little treasures…

{ I found the red jars at the Family Dollar Store for  $1 }


When you are decorating, incorporate those things you have already…

 even the most simple items can make such a difference.


So there you have it… this little cabinet is not forgotten or ordinary anymore!



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