Hi everyone! Today I’m teaming up with my friends from Lovesac to bring back a bit of magic into our children’s world! Do you remember when we were little and could conquer Mt. Everest while climbing a mountain of pillows? Do you remember being a princess all dressed up in your mom’s clothes? Do you remember believing that your brother was a super hero because he could jump higher than you? Looking back I feel like we had an amazing childhood, full of imagination, creativity, and endless hours of being simply a kid!

Kid Play Room - Super cute mini sectionals for kids!

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to meet with the incredible team behind Lovesac. Besides falling in love with their fabulous new Sactionals (must see HERE) I was moved and touched by the vision they have of creating a piece of furniture that can give children the chance to celebrate being a child! When I saw their new Kid Sactionals (Whisper Voice: I hope Santa is bringing one of these to my house this year.) I could not stop thinking about my own childhood. Memories came back of those days when the world was just a place to conquer!

Now so many years later as a mom of four wonderful kids, it’s important for me to give to my children a piece of that simple but magical world I grew up in.  Electronics did not exist back then… it was imagination, my right to dream, read, play, and create what I believe had a great influence on the person I am today. Here are three things that I want to pass down to my own kiddos!



Quote- Three things every child should have in their lives!

I heard once that reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are!

I really believe that the pages of a book really open a world of imagination, it gives us all a new way to look at things, and the ability to relate to  different people, circumstances, and places that we have never seen before. I was born in the era when “electronics” were not part of my world { do you remember those days?}. Every time I said the words I am bored I was invited to read a book. How grateful I am for those endless amounts of paper pages that introduced me to a world where everything was possible!

Looking back, and really thinking about it, I can thank my girl Cinderella for my love for shoes! 😉



Quote- Three things every child should have in their lives!

I was a designer since I can remember. I was the little girl that was always moving pillows around and building castles with them, playing with a camera, looking at magazines, and believing that there was always room for color and beauty in this world! I think I was born with a desire to create, to imagine things and make them come to life.

 The thing is that creativity is a gift that we can all afford. We can give it to our children and make it grow as we create spaces where they can be free to explore, build, and invent!


The LOVE for Playing!

Quote- Three things every child should have in their lives!

I think one of the things that I miss the most about the time when I grew up is seeing children playing. Lately more and more I see young children frozen in front of a screen. Fred Rogers once said that “playing give children a chance to practice what they are learning.” Isn’t it true? I love when I see my kids playing together and letting their imaginations go wild! I love hearing them in the background pretending to be all types of things and making from nothing an entire planet!

Kids- Three things every child should have in their lives!

What I like the most about the new Lovesac Kid Sactionals is that they were designed for kids to play, read, and create their own little world! I want to invite you to stop by the Lovesac Website today and see for yourself what makes these Kid Sactional not just the awesomest gift for kiddos this holiday season but what makes this piece of furniture the coolest toy ever!

Super cute ideas for a kids play room!

Kid Sactionals have durable and washable covers that can be machine-washed or changed in an instant. So there’s no need to cry over spilled milk, a monster scoop of ice cream, or a downpour of spaghetti. Same as with the adult Sactional, the Kid Sactionals are switcharound-able, meaning that the furniture can be taken apart and the Seats and Sides can be used like LEGOs to build anything their creative minds think up – from rocket ships to forts, castles and beyond… So fun! The kiddos won’t need any tools to change the look of their Kid Sactional since they have a magnet system built in that attaches the pieces together… So cool! With covers in the Berry Smoothie and Aquamarine, kids now have the ability to mix-up their Kid Sactionals too. And, there will be a whole new assortment of colors in 2016… Can’t wait!

Lovesac 2

Before you go also make sure to click HERE and check out the Adult Lovesac Sactionals. These are amazing!

Sactionals consist of two simple pieces, Seats and Sides, that can be rearranged in any quantity or configuration imaginable in a matter of minutes. The Seats and Sides lock together using a patented, no-tool locking system for a rock solid, secure fit; however, they also come apart easily and painlessly, making them the world’s most moveable couch.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.07.42 AM

I love that the covers can be removed and changed with ease, and fabrics are machine washable… Easy to clean up after the everyday “oops” moments! You know what I’m talking about, the spills, stains, and sticky fingers! You can easily remove and swap Sactionals covers so YOU can try a new color or pattern whenever it strikes you – after all, there are more than 380 fabrics to choose from! Oh the possibilities!

Go take a peek HERE and check out how awesome these Lovesac Sactional are!

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You are going to love it!

This post was sponsored by Lovesac. All opinions are 100% mine.

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