For the longest time I have wanted to buy a wood iPhone case but

I didn’t want to spend the $30 and up price tag that comes with it.

Well I found a solution that is perfect for my wallet and adorable for my phone…


I already had the clear case so I thought why don’t I make a phone wood case printable

and of course I am sharing it with you guys just in case you are digging the look.

{Oh my goodness that sounded so 80s! }


The first thing you want to do is print the wood printable on good quality card stock.

I made it larger than the case so you can use it for your iphone 4, iphone 4s, or iphone 5.

You can even use it for your ipod.


Place your phone on top of your wood print and trace the outside of your iphone with a pencil.

Then cut it.


 Put the wood cover and your phone  inside of your clear iphone case.

This will help to have better control of the print.


Trace the hole for the camera.

Take the cover and your iPhone out again and cut the hole using an exacto knife.


If you would like the apple logo on your phone show,  place the wood print on top of your iPhone and

fold the top corner of the paper up until you see the apple. Put your finger on it and do a mark for reference.

{ This is not the prettiest picture but what can I say? It is hard to shoot and show at the same time }


Then center a quarter on top of your mark and use an exacto knife to cut the circle.

{ Careful don’t cut your pretty fingers }


Put the cover back in the case and there you have an iphone wood case for pennies!



I love my clear case because I can change it so easily every time I get tired of the look.

You can find them online and some stores also sell them.

Ready to print?

 Click here to print.

{ your print won’t have wording on it }


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