how to stencil a shirt, state, using fabric medium, fabric paint


Hey there 36thavenuer’s it’s Angelina from JoJo and Eloise, I am a so excited to be here.

Today I am going to show you how to make your own Stencil as well as how to Stencil your very own t-shirt.

I have seen some AMAZING stencil projects out there in Blog World

and many of those projects use special programs and tools that make and cut the stencil for them.

I have yet to cave and purchase one for myself and still do it the old fashioned way.

I know that one day I will because, let’s be honest those Machines make some AWESOME stencils,

that make for some AWESOME projects and we have seen some right here

on the 36th Ave done by Mrs. Desiree herself.

So for today let’s kick it Old School Style!!

With Spring going on and Summer shortly to come,

traveling and planning family vacations is at an all time high

so I thought I would share how you can make your own State Stencil.

I first started off by asking my Son if he could draw the California State for me.

( He LOVES doing that kind of thing, you can always google and image of it for a usable pattern )

my state shirt, california, stencil, collage1

I purchased a Blank Solid Stencil Card.

I took my Image and placed it underneath and pencil traced it onto my Stencil Card.

Then cut the inside of the image out. ( I cut inside my pencil line )

How to make your own stencil, State Stencil 2


I used some Temporary Fabric Adhesive Spray to hold my Stencil in place on my T-shrit.

It helps the Stencil from moving around.

I then place a piece of cardboard on the inside of my t-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through.

how to make your own stencil,



I used regular acrylic paint and added a fabric medium to it, in order to make it washable.

( you can find these at any craft store and be sure to follow the manufactures directions. )

how to make fabric paint, tintable fabric medium, martha stewart


how to make fabric paint with fabric medium


I lightly added my paint to my Stencil Sponge Brush and tapped lightly while filling in my Space.

Be sure to take extra care around the edges of your stencil, not adding to much paint or pushing it in. Tapping up and Down is your best option. Continue to do that until your Pattern is fully covered evenly.


how to stencil a tshirt, state stencil


Let it dry and then carefully pull your Stencil up and away from your fabric.

I wanted to make this a customized State shirt, so I put a Heart in the place of where we live. You could do the same or even put a Heart or Dots on the locations you may be traveling to as a family.

For the Heart Paint I followed the same instructions as I did on the State. Using my Fabric Medium.

how to stencil a tshirt


This is such a great way to customize and have fun with your upcoming family travels, not to mention making some REALLY cute gifts to giveaway. This same technique could be applied to pillows, bags, blankets etc…

So have fun and get creative and go make some stencils.


How to make your own stencil, stenciling a shirt, Fabric Paint


How to stencil a shirt, Fabric paint using fabric medium

Stenciled California State shirt, make your own stencil


Very cute and I love the idea of stenciling your own State!

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layered skirt, spring, rainbow


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Have a wonderful day my friends!


Angelina and Desiree


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