It is time to party but wait!

After so many visits to Lowe’s I can say that we are ready to show you our girls’ bedroom.

Here comes the color!


I wish I could show you the entire room in one shot but this is a HUGE room.

You are going to see it one piece at a time as I share a few tips of how to decorate a shared room.


Let’s do this!

We created first a pretty neutral canvas.

I love to keep my walls neutral so I can change the décor as time goes by.



I am not sure how many times we visit Lowe’s before getting to this point.

Trust me… this was a serious family DIY adventure!



Designing a kids shared space can be challenging.

I am giving today a few tips of how to create a space that you and your kids will love.





This is a room that should inspire happiness, playfulness and creativity.

Mix of color, patterns and light will do this for you.

The huge chevron, the small chevron print, the number pillow and

my DIY Wal-Mart rug works together because they have a common color.

Punches of watermelon red are all over the room breaking the pattern color of the blanket and making the space fun.

 { The fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs. The bedding came from Target }




Make it BIG!

I can’t tell you how important this simple tip is.

Try to stay away from small decorations on the walls.

If you have a bunch of small items, regroup them creating one BIG focal point.

Portraits are a perfect addition to any space.

Again don’t be afraid to get HUGE prints!

Check this out!

This is a 20×30 picture…


This one is a 16×20


These ones are 8×10, you see?

Because these two were smaller I put them together to create a larger focal point.


These are just the size of the pictures, the outside of the frames are even larger.

By the way… don’t you love these frames?

All of them came from Orange Blossom.

Make sure you check their shop out. The quality and finish of their frames are delicious.

I love them!



Make it functional!

Use plastic bins, an items that they will use everyday as accessories.

Don’t make a kids room a museum, make it more like a playroom.


Keep it simple… Don’t over do it!


Children love their rooms, leave open spaces for them to play.

Give them plenty of working space, where they can do their homework and be inspired to create.




When you create a shared space make sure to keep in mind the age of each child.

My oldest daughter has her own space on the other side of the room.

Even though all three of the beds are similar, each of my girls got one pillow that is different.

Their lamps are different colors, according to their individual taste.


Make it SPECIAL!

Before I go I want to thank the amazing ladies behind Orange Blossom

for bringing sunshine into my girls bedroom with their frames.



Thank you to Riley Blake Designs for creating fabulous fabrics.

The small chevron prints worked perfect in the space.

I’ll be back with the tutorial of my Anni’s Laminate Chevron Chair… LOVE it!


Riley Blake Designs


Special thanks to my friends at Lowe’s, for making the DIY world affordable and approachable

and for sponsoring this DIY makeover!

You guys are the best!



Talking about Lowe’s we have a $50 Gift Card Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly D. for her entry #301!

Make sure to check out Lowe’s Idea Exchange page. So much inspiration!


Well, now it is your turn… it is time to PARTY!


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