This bedroom took me some time but I can finally say that I am done! Anyways,  I am not sure what took me so long…

 perhaps the little things…
perhaps that it is a “theme” room which I don’t typically do…
or perhaps that my son’s bedroom was a disaster.
With that said let me introduce to you the inspiration behind it:
The Taekwondo Hero and his mess…
This is how the bedroom used to look before.
Question for you:
 How many pieces of dirty underwear do you think
my boy could keep under his bed?
…The answer is 6.
You heard me right… SIX!
…At this point I knew this poor bedroom desperately needed help. Looking around the very first thing that caught my eye {after the underwear} was the small little dresser
…so cute!
…and after the dresser were the letters on the shelf.
…but let me tell you what I did first.
On Saturday: I decided to move the bed right under the window {horizontally}. Took the dresser drawers OUT and put them under the bed as storage… {no more room for stinky underwear}   for  toys and books.   
 Because we were in the process of transforming this room into a baseball bedroom the vinyl Taekwondo dudes  on the walls unfortunately had to go… so we began to peel. By the end of the two hours we had an organized and clean bedroom and I even had time to made the bed…
 {Don’t you love the feeling of new bedding?}
It wasn’t until two days later that I got back into the room.
The first thing I did was the window treatment.
What could look better for the window  that some
 old style baseball banners?
This was fun to do… I made them all from recycled fabrics, my husband’s old shirts, broken jeans and some leftover burlap from

…take a look!

Next, it was time for the cute small dresser
to become a desk.
Then I remembered a Coffee Table that I have had in my garage
collecting dust forever.
Next thing you hear me say is:

Can you help me bring the table upstairs?”

This day was all about the accessories:
The Pin Board
The Letters on the Shelf…
And the coolest Baseball Sign EVER!
Hello burlaplicious!
…In the end all I had left was to “make it happen”
The desk and the table,
…the bedding and the letters,
…the sign and the board,
…the hero and his room…
before and after

~ The END ~

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