Neutral Home Decor is not just elegant but timeless. You’ll find in this post a bunch of affordable Home Decor Ideas for a family or living room design. I can’t wait to show you our Living Room Makeover. Ready to take a tour? Here we go!

When decorating a neutral space there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

A lot of people relate boring with neutral and if you don’t pay attention to a few basic design tips you may end up with a dull space. So during this post I’m going to share with you guys how to create a fabulous neutral living room full of character and personality while keeping the elegant, timeless look that just neutral colors can achieve!

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{ You can find this lamp HERE! }

Lighting is a crucial part of decorating a room. I consider myself a modern-industrial kind of girl.

For our living room makeover I chose a set of classic lamps with an industrial touch.

For one side of the sofa I chose a table lamp and for the other side a floor lamp.

I did this because I knew that the different heights were going to bring dimension and movement into the room while the similarity in design was going to bring the space together!

For the ceiling I chose a really unique ceiling fan. Summers around here are HOT and this light feature proves that ceiling fans can be practical and simply cool. I purchased mine forever ago and it was love at first sight!

You can find a similar one HERE.


When you are decorating with neutral colors paying attention to layering and using a ton of different textures is crucial for the over all look of the room. This is your chance to kick boring out of the picture.

Fabrics, pillows, rugs, baskets, throws and accessories will be your best friends at this point!

There is a total of seven pillows and three throws  in this room and just two of the pillows are identical…

…Mix and matching is my favorite!

Home Decor - Neutral Home Decor by Take a tour! #industrial #livingroom

For the floor I chose a black leather rug… I can’t tell you how much I love it!

It is fun, modern, unique, and it has a lot of texture!

You can find it HERE!


Now that you have the lighting and texture down, it is time to bring in the final accessories to reflect your personality!

It is the little details that make each of us unique… same thing with a room!

…Use books!


…paint plastic animals!

I used gold spray paint to give this toy elephant a makeover!

…You heard me right! Hard to believe that this super cute elephant used to look like this!

…make your own DIY Industrial Shelves!

Tutorial HERE!

DIY - Home Decor : These DIY Industrial Shelving is super easy to make and a great addition to any room!

…and make it your own!

Home Decor - Neutral Home Decor by Take a tour! #industrial #livingroom

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