…We had a
at our house this past weekend!
In Oregon you never know when it is going to rain , so we decided to bring the outdoors into the indoors of our home,
having our backyard as the background of the party.


For decorations the girls helped me cut a bunch of butterflies
from paper  that we had around the house…
{ We ♥ butterflies}
 First I traced the outline of the cuties
making three different sizes…
Then we spent some girl time together
re-tracing and cutting tons of butterflies.
You probably can go to the store and get some…
but then you miss the fun of girl talk 😉
Anni had the idea to cut little triangles from the leftover paper
and use them to make a banner later…
At the end of an hour we ended
with something like this…
The colors make me happy!
The invitation and the plates I actually purchased weeks in advance from Target .
{they were on sale for a dollar or something…}
They became the inspiration for the rest of the party!
Anni, just touched up the invitations a little bit
to make them more personal…

We decided to bring all of these fun colors
around the snack table as well…


I filled up a glass vase with some lollipops and jewelery
that the girls were going to get as part of their party favors…

…and then we taped some butterflies to toothpicks
and place them on top of the cupcakes,
{I’m not a baker…}

the little cake…


Instead of covering the  main table   with a tablecloth I made a  runner
from wrapping paper and plain packing paper.
I used some fresh flowers from our backyard as center pieces.
The Flowers were one of Anni’s favorite touches…


Our kitchen dining table got a lot of used…
First the girls had some dinner.

…and after was time for the fun!
Earlier we transformed our sofa table into the
Garden Station…
and made some
gigantic flower balloons  to define the area…
…the table
 and the tools and flowers…


For this table once again we covered the entire surface with packing paper
and punched flowers along the edge to give it some detail…
I love this punch holder…
It doesn’t cut the flower completely
it shapes the paper in 3D shapes…
The first activity the girls did
was painting the pots…
I love these pictures…
check out the concentration.


While the pots were drying they got to decorate their gardening hats.
This is what happens when you are a European and watched the Royal Wedding…
 Every good party must have amazing hats!
I got all the hats brand new  from a thrift store..
25 cents a piece…
… At this point they were ready to garden in style…
How cute are they in their hats and gloves?


Planting the flowers was a blast..!

I l♥ve you Anni!

…no comments about my husband.

…fun …fun …fun
So, somewhere between the mess…

 the hats…

 my husband out of key singing
which by the way gets…

 the sound of friendship,
and laughter

…the rain stopped, the sun came out and  it was time to jump the Happy Birthday away…
The End

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36th Avenue
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