Hello friends, it is so good to see you here today! With Halloween approaching rapidly I took some time during the weekend to get the Halloween Treats ready that my older girls are going to give to their classmates and friends this year. I wanted to do something that was sweet but sugar free and we came up with the idea of making pom pom earrings and a Halloween Printable to go with it… Let me show ya!

 Are these not so fun? Oh how I love Halloween!

Free Halloween Printable and Pom Pom Earrings Tutorial at the36thavenue.com ...Pretty Wicked!

 The first thing you want to make are the earrings.

All you need for these are pom poms, small earring hardware and a glue gun.

You can find both of these items at your local craft store.

This is a two step projects. Heat up your glue gun and glue the pom pom to the backing.

You are done!

 Now that your earrings are ready print the 8×10 printable, cut them and pierce the witches ears.

I love the neon yellow pom pom earrings that my girl is wearing.

Ready to print?
Just to let you know this Free Halloween Printable has four cards.

 Print here.

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And since we are talking about Monsters also take a look at these awesome

Slime Monsters… I love these little guys!


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 You guys are awesome! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me today!