It is time to really start thinking about Halloween Decor and Halloween Crafts. Today I’m sharing my new Halloween Platter. You can make this craft in 10 minutes. I can wait to serve my Halloween treats on it! Ready to see it… Here it is! 

Halloween Platter at



Halloween Platter Materials 

Polka Dots Plate and Bowl – I found them at Target

Googly Eyes

Krazy Glue and All purpose and Surfaces Glue



The first thing you want to do is glue the plate and bowl together. Turn the bowl around and add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the bowl. Then place the plate on top and press gently. Let it dry.

Halloween Platter 1


When they are firmly glued together turn the plate around and start glueing small googly eyes on the plate’s polka dots. Have fun and create your own design. Use as many or as little eyes as you like!

Halloween Platter 2

Now glue some larger eyes to the bowl.

Halloween Platter 3

You are done… So fun!

Halloween Platter Tutorial by


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