I am excited to welcome you today into our home and show you our

Halloween Entryway.


This was so much fun to put together.

My kids always complain that I am not creepy enough so this year

I tried to add more spooky elements to our décor.


The inspiration behind the décor started with actually a cute printable that I ended up not using

on my Halloween Entryway. Boo! I will be sharing it with you in a couple of days though.

The first thing I made was the wreath.

You can click on the picture or here to check out a step by step tutorial and take a look at

my Halloween Fabric Wreath from last year.


 This year I am loving the POLKA DOTS!


I worked with different sizes of polka dots to bring interest to the wreath

and the cute button is simply killing me.

So darn cute!


After I added the buttons I decided to have a theme to go with my entry.

This was going to be the entryway to a seamstress house…

Soooo Spooky!



Of course I had to add a banner that would go with the theme so I decided nothing was more appropriate than this.

Don’t you love lace?



After the basics were taking care of it was time to have fun with the details.

I made this printable to go with it.

I hope you like it because I will be sharing it on Saturday.

The DIY Broom is one of my favorite things here.

My good friend Wanda Ann had the idea of making one.

She collected a bunch of sticks from the backyard and before we knew here it was, the perfect little touch!



I painted a bunch of Dollar Store Pumpkins and I displayed them all along the top of our Hall Tree.

I think this black one is my favorite.


After putting everything together the top small Halloween Mantle looked spookylicious!


As I always say… It is all about the details!



After sewing a few pillows and adding a throw…


…the entryway was done!


Even Lola is loving it!


I hope this inspires you to start thinking about Fall and Halloween,

get your creativity going and come up with your own spookiness!

Now it’s your turn to show me what you have been up to this last week.


It is time to PARTY!


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 Have fun!



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