Just a few days ago we opened the door of our home to go to school and saw a blanket of fog that covered the street.

Where we live the weather could be considered mild compared to other places but

that morning was so cold and foggy.

It was even hard to see farther than five yards away.


As any other morning we jumped in the car, drove to school,  sang a few song on the way, dropped off the kids and when I returned to  my house the first signs of Spring caught my eye. Through the fog I saw the branches of my tree holding the beginning of what soon will be a bunch of leaves.

 I went inside to get the camera and these are some of the pictures I took.


While I was taking the pictures I was amazed of how many colors nature give as.

I started seeing through the lens all of these beautiful neutrals.

I believe that the most beautiful color palettes are found out there between rocks, trees, sand and rivers.

Do you see what I see?

Every color below came from this  picture.


Among the pictures I took there was this one.



Darn it – I thought – it is out of focus.

I almost deleted it but instead I adjusted my camera and took this second picture.

Do you see what I see?



If you pay close attention you can spy the car in the background.

As I was looking through the pictures on my computer screen I realized something.

 I wonder how many times I am looking at things out of focus.

How many times I am missing moments,

people, feelings, emotions, whispers to my spirit because I am focusing my eyes and unfortunately even my heart at times on the wrong things.

Looking at life through a lens taught me a lesson:

Even behind the fog there is sunshine.

I want to do better.

I want to make sure I adjust my heart as I adjusted my camera so I never miss what really matters.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to look at my life as if I was doing it through a lens.

I want to be able to see even through the fog that comes through our daily lives  all the small little things that can bring joy, peace and Spring to my soul .

I never knew that on a cold winter morning you could feel so warm.



Wishing you a beautiful Monday.



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