Happy New Year everyone! I have always loved January, it is a month full of new hope, a time to think about some New Year resolutions. During this time of the year I normally have at the the top of my list my new idea of how to lose weight fast but this year I am going in a different direction. I have always loved new beginnings and this time to create some new goals and look to the future with new eyes. I have the feeling that this year is going to be packed with fantastic moments!

Today I am sharing some new free printables and five things that I want to do in order to have an amazing year.


Say NO!

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OK, let me explain. I really believe life is full of things that we can’t or shouldn’t put off ’till tomorrow.

For me among those things are being a wife, a mother and my faith. To be a loyal companion to my husband, a source of safety and nurture to my children, and worship my Father in Heaven are not just responsibilities to me but blessings that make me feel happy and full.

However, during the course of last year I found myself quite often putting my family off until tomorrow because I had said yes to too many things that I could have straight up canceled or actually not agreed to them in the first place. Those moments when I felt overwhelmed taught me that I don’t want ever again to be too busy to make a memory and enjoy the gift of family. So this year I will say no to all those things that I can, so I can say yes to those things that really matter.


Remember Who YOU Are!

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A few weeks ago I came out of the shower and I saw my reflection in the mirror. My first reaction came out of routine and quickly I found myself looking at my imperfections. You know… the extra pounds, the gray hair with serious need of color, the pale winter skin, and then my reflection met my eyes. The most incredible thing happened… in my eyes I didn’t see just me, I saw my mom, my sisters, my grandmother, I saw my daughters and just like that  I pictured every woman I know and every woman that I will never meet.

Without thinking I took this picture here and I posted on Instagram and I wrote this…

” I am not perfect but God loves me with PERFECT LOVE.

I have wrinkles made of memories. I have stretch marks made of unconditional love.

I have hands that can touch and a heart THAT CAN FEEL.

I am not perfect but I AM ENOUGH

and so are YOU.”

This next year I want to appreciate more the experiences, the moments, the people, that have helped me to become who I am. I want to show more appreciation for it. This next year I want to engage in activities that can make me grow and can show me not just who I am but who I can become!


Try Something New!

OK, it is not that I am a chicken… I just get comfy doing things the same way.

This next year I want to wonder, I want to try a bunch of new things… No! I am not jumping from any airplane or going on a crazy hike… don’t push it! But I want to do things a bit different this next year.

Learning how to play the guitar sounds fun… or going to a country dancing class.

Maybe a new crazy lipstick color or saying hi to someone that normally I wouldn’t.

I want to make each ordinary day a bit extraordinary!



Cook more!

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One of my favorite things to do with Matt while we were dating was cooking together.

This was such a fun time. I think we really fell in love around the kitchen table.

After we had children our favorite family times were also around the kitchen. However life happens and this last year I found myself so busy that many times I put on the back burner my joy for cooking and sharing as a family a homemade meal. This year I want to cook with my family again. I want the casual conversations that happens as we peel potatoes together, the dough, or spread some butter! I really believe that families that eat together stay together!




 { Print for personal use only HERE }

 I have learned during my life that unfortunately there is not a tutorial for believing.
There are not specific tools, materials or steps that make us believe.
However there is a magic in doing so.
When we believe in ourselves, in others, in a better world in a Father above…
when we believe in love, friendship and tender mercies… 
when we believe in people, in human kindness, in doing good,
when we believe in the better part… something happens:
Hope, joy, faith and true happiness gets engraved in our hearts.
When we believe the impossible ceases to exist and the world around us becomes a better one,
not because it has changed but because we have.
This new year I will believe more!
 Before I go please aloud me to thank you for visiting with me during last year.
Your comments, your creativity, your visits to The 36th Avenue are the biggest  source of inspiration for me.
Love you guys to pieces!