Easter will be here before we know it. Today I’m sharing my new Easter Printable. If you are new to The 36th Avenue make sure to click HERE to see the many other Free Printables we have for our awesome readers.

I designed this print in three different colors, white, rose, and mint; this way you can choose your favorite. Ready to see all three? Here they are! 

Easter - Free Easter Printables at the36thavenue.com Three colors to choose from!



I hope you like them! 

Easter - Free Easter Printables at the36thavenue.com Three colors to choose from!

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Before you keep reading I want to give you a fair warning that from this point on this post contains some of my beliefs.

 If you don’t feel comfortable with that I urge you not to continue reading.

Here I go…  

While I was designing this print a video that I watched a while ago came to my mind.

{ You can see the video at the end of this post. }

The words at the end of the video took me back to almost 20 years ago when I spent a year and a half of my life as a missionary for the Church I belong to. Those were perhaps the most intense 18 months of my life. During that year and a half I was on my own. I was far away from my family, friends, island, and everything I knew.

Those 18 month were a learning sprint.

During that time I learned from those around me, those of my faith, of other faiths, and even from those that claim to have no faith at all. I learned to open my heart to the heart of others, to give, to receive, to listen, to shut up.

I learned that there is so much good inside of each of us, that everyone has a voice and that therefore everyone has the right to be heard.

That no one is alone… NO ONE. 

 I thought I went to Madrid to teach people and after just a few hours as a missionary I understood that I went to Madrid to learn from them.

 { friendships that will last forever }

One night my Mission President ( the person in charge of all the missionaries in his area ) took me aside from a gathering that his sweet wife was hosting. Right away I saw in his eyes not just concern but love and compassion. He looked at me and spoke with the same sweetness that a father would speak to his beloved daughter and then he shared with me some really sad news that he had heard from my family… Let’s just say that it was the type of news that breaks your heart , that type of news that no one wants to hear. 

I listened to him and I instantly felt like something poked my heart, I felt so sad, my spirit was in pain.

I went back to my apartment with nothing to say, I had nothing to share, I felt empty inside…

I felt broken.

I felt completely and absolutely alone

Have you ever felt that way? 

I sat on my bed that night  and I sobbed for hours… like a little child wanting to be hugged by his mother.

I cried, I prayed, I cried and I prayed, and then I cried and I prayed some more.


I’m not sure when or how between prayers and tears that I fell asleep but when I woke up in the morning something had happened.

 My heart wasn’t empty it had been filled with hope.

My sadness had turned into peace.

 My Savior had heard my voice.

He had  heard my prayer and in the arms of his mercy He had held me.

My loneliness had been replaced by the knowledge that I had never been alone,

that I never will be,

because He lives.


That morning I sat on my bed trying to pull strength from all of those feelings 

and the word that came into my mind was arise. 

Arise Desi… just do it!


Every Easter I think about that experience and the meaning of such a simple word.

Don’t take me wrong… The bunnies are adorable, the Cadbury Chocolate Eggs are so darn good, but the fact that my Savior arose, the fact that he  resurrected, the fact that HE LIVES is what makes this season so special to me.


No matter what our faith is,

no matter if we even believe in God or not,

no matter if we are exhausted, tired, empty, lonely or broken…

 we can stand up, we can get up, we can trust that voice in our hearts that says Arise!

{ You can click HERE to learn more about my faith} 
Wishing you a beautiful day!
Desiree-Campbell Desiree

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