I want to officially welcome you all to the first link party of the year!

Starting next week the link party will change times…


Now seriously…

Wednesdays are going to be CRAZY for me this year so we are moving from 6:30 pm to midnight!

The link party will start every Thursday at 12:00 am Mountain Time.

{ If you are a night owl you are going to love this }


Now let me have your attention for a minute…



I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

I can honestly say that one of the highlights of last year for me was YOU.

I am humbled by the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have when I think that you guys take the time to come here,

to visit with me, to comment, to share, to follow and specially to support me in this crazy passion that I have for creating.


I feel that you are the light of this blog.

You have made it grow.

You have made it be a window to showcase not just what I do but what you do.

I adore my readers and I am happy to say that…

I am Blessed 8×10 Free Printable


That’s right you guys are a blessing in my life!

Again THANK YOU for being the inspiration and the heart behind The 36th AVENUE.


Now it is time to party!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME as long as you

link back to The 36th AVENUE or button UP here!

I hope you stay in touch and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy New Year!



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