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Hi friends! Today I’m sharing my newest free printable. I wanted to make something fun and inspirational, something that can bring a bunch of colorful hope to a rainy day. The message of this printable is full of sunshine, it makes me so happy. I hope you like it as much as I do! OK, enough talking… Take a look!


I seriously love the message in this quote!


No matter in how many pieces and how many times our hearts have been broken, no matter how shattered our souls may feel at times, we should always remember that Broken Crayons Still Color!


So, this is my philosophy “When life gives you broken crayons, make CRAYONFETTI!”



1. Collect all your broken pieces:  

Collect them all… The sad moments, the painful experiences, the hard trials, the broken heart.

2. Use a sharpener to turn the broken pieces into Crayonfetti:

We are not alone! We can use prayer, the support of our loved ones, the love of your Heavenly Father to give those “broken pieces” an entire new look, an entire new meaning. 

3. Admire how beautiful and colorful the Crayon-fetti is:  

Admire how far you have come and all the things that we have learned from those experiences. When we do that we  see the value of them, how much color and character they have brought into our lives, how much more wise, strong, unique and beautiful we are because of it. We start to understand that there is still so much color inside of each of us, so much light, so much life!

4. Celebrate and share the CRAYONFETTI :

Celebrate life and share your experiences with others, share your entire collection of crayons the full pieces and the broken ones. Can you believe that we have the power to be the sunshine in someone else’s cloudy day? We can be a source of encouragement and love to someone that is discouraged and feels alone? Yes we can, all of us, because even Broken Crayons Still Color!


Ready to Print?

Quotes - Free Printable at ...Pin it NOW and print it later!


Here they are! 

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 Wishing YOU a beautiful day!