Last Friday my husband had the idea to take us camping to the heart of Kolob Reservoir.

By the time we got there the sun was retiring, leaving behind a gorgeous scene.



Next morning after having one of those yummy camping breakfasts that make your heart full,

our children went to play in the water.

They were doing what kids do best, they were being children.

They were enjoying and experiencing nature first hand,  playing, laughing, splashing, making the best of childhood.



After a while my Anni shifted her attention to something floating on the water.



She came out of the lake holding on her hand a butterfly.



Our first thought was that perhaps the poor thing was dead,

but after looking closer we realized that the lack of movement had nothing to do with the absence of life.

The butterfly’s wings were wet.  They were soaked to be exact.

Anni patiently held that little butterfly on her hand hoping and wishing that the air would dry the wings.

As the wind blew her hope that the butterfly would be able to fly again grew more and more.



After a few minutes we started noticing the the butterfly was gaining hope as well

as she shyly  started moving her delicate wings.



Before we knew the once tired, exhausted, and wounded butterfly had received the care, strength and confidence to

raise her wing and fly again.




It took two attempts to be successful.

The first time the butterfly dropped down on the ground.

Anni carefully picked her up one more time.

She put her on a branch and before we knew the butterfly was ready to try again.

This time she was successful!

In a period of ten minutes or so the once drowning insect had returned to be a free butterfly.


I tell you this stoty because sometimes in life, as in this picture, we get out of focus.



As the small butterfly we get distracted, and wander off sometimes perhaps to dangerous grounds.

Sometimes we lose balance and before we know we feel like sinking in a puddle of water.

Sometimes life looks so blurry that we even forget that we were born to fly and sadly we give up.



Call me a dreamer but I believe that no matter how far from clarity we have wandered,

no matter how blurry things can look at times, no matter how soaked our wings can be,

there is always hope to believe that someone, somewhere, somehow things can get clear again.




Perhaps it takes more than one attempt.

Perhaps it takes the help of someone like Anni.

Someone that will care enough to believe that the wind will blow, and that our wings can be dry again.


No matter our stage in life, no matter how focused or out of focus we are.

No matter if we are the rescuer or the one that needs to be rescued,

no matter what happened yesterday, today we must believe that we can open our wings,

that we can take that first leap of faith to help someone in need or to be helped.

No matter what,  we have to believe that we are free to dream, to become, to live, to breath, to love, to laugh, to give…





…We must believe that we are free to fly.


Happy Sunday My Friends!



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