As you are reading this I’m way up in the air flying to my birth land the Canary Islands.

It has been seven years since I was there last.

Seven years without seeing my mama, my brothers and sisters,

seven years missing weddings, birthdays, Christmas times, new babies and even funerals.

Seven years away from them that has actually taught me so much.

The fact of being far had giving me a deep sense of gratefulness.

It has taught me how precious family is and how eternal is the principle of love.

Distance has taught me valuable lessons.


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I have learned that sometimes we can be far from each other but be so close

and other times we can be so close to each other but so far.

I have learned that love can’t be measured by inches… it can’t be measure by age.

The only thing that measures love is the magical bond that distance, time, or circumstances can’t break.


Family is not a possession but a gift, one of the most beautiful gifts from heaven.

Being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a grandmother, a sister, and aunt is much more than a title.

It is a divine responsibility. It is an opportunity to give your heart unconditionally.

It is a treasure beyond measure to be able to look into someone’s eyes 

knowing that they belong to you as much as you belong to them.

As I was ready to fill up our suitcases preparing for our trip

a sweet whisper to my soul made me realize that the only thing we will take from this journey of life

are the relationships that we made, the memories we had with those we love,

the moments that changed us and made us into who we are.


So today I just wanted to stop by and invite us all to love a little deeper,

to hold the hand of our child a little longer, to listen what our teen is not saying,

to offer perhaps a little more patience to our aging parents,

a little more understanding, a little more giggles, just a little more of us.


I just wanted to invite us all to stop for a second in this crazy journey through life

where we are trying so hard to fill our suitcases with homes, work, and things…

and perhaps make room today for a new memory, a new gentle word, a new hug, a new heart to heart moment.


Looking at my empty suitcase I realized how full my life was.


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Wishing you all my friends a most beautiful day!


Post that comes from my heart to yours...


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