Hey all you fabulous folks! 

I am SOOO excited to be hanging out at The 36th Avenue today!!
 I’m Katie from CRAPTASTIC! 


I initially started blogging about my crazy furniture adventures in January,
but after being inspired by all of YOU I have ventured out into
all kinds of crafts!

I’m so excited to be sharing one of my favorite projects with you all today! 
I like to think of her as being ‘Old As Dirt!’

Back in March I worked on my nighstand, The Pink Lady. 
I had so much fun with the harlequin stencil I decided to do it again!
Here is how the old lady started:
I loved this desk from the very start and quickly got started
sanding and cleaning. 
I was naughty and did not prime (although with such a light colored yellow, I should have)!
After she was all painted it was time to apply the stencil. 
I’m cheap poor, so I try to use what I have to cut corners. 
Instead of buying a stencil I used cardstock and an exacto knife to make my own.
I didn’t measure any of the diamonds for my stencil, they were just kind of eyeballed! 
When cutting out your diamonds, be sure to leave a small amount of cardstock in between each diamond, otherwise you’ll just have a piece of cardstock with a big hole in the center!
This shows the stencil I ended up with – not perfect at all!
 I think the irregularity makes it more unique!
Once all the paint is dry sand your little heart out!
 I’ve noticed with lots of paints that they tend to darken up just a little with sanding – I like that. 
Here you can see before and after sanding.
I used cheesecloth to apply Minwax Dark Walnut stain over the entire piece.  Once dry I used cheesecloth to run over the whole piece with Minwax Wipe On Poly in satin!  Here she is now!
A closer look.
Beautiful ORIGINAL hardware…
Thank you SOOOO much for having me Desiree!
 It’s been a blast!
I hope you all enjoyed my old lady, and thanks for
From Desiree:
Oh MY!
Katie and her old lady!
Let me share with you a few things
I have learned about Katie:
Last April her hubby and her transitioned back into civilian life after being in the Army for four years! He is one week away from finishing up the police academy
( she is so proud of him ! )
Katie is currently studying to earn her
Master’s in Physician Assistant studies @ Trevecca in Nashville!
 An she is just a  few short weeks away from starting her year of clinical rotations!
Watch out Nashville!! 😉
Make sure you stop over her CRAFTASTIC  blog and let her know that we wish her and her husband the best in all of their new adventures.

THANK Y♥U KATIE for helping me out
during the move..!

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