Hello! My name is Heather and I write a DIY blog called Inspire Me Heather.

I link up great projects with ideas and inspiration from other bloggers. Lately I’ve been busy with my own projects and making this DIY Pallet Wood Table.

diy pallet wood table at the36thavenue.com

I was inspired by this one, from the cover of Western Living magazine, it’s free out here on the West Coast of Canada. I’m not sure if theirs was made from a pallet or not – works for me though! Here is how I made mine!

Let’s get started! We find the bigger pallets for wider planks and chunkier legs. After dismantling your pallet we give it a really good clean. We use bleach and water – you don’t know where it’s been and what it was used for.
We found with our inside table that the wood shrank so now we put our wood indoors for about a week. Then we cut the wood to size and gave it a rough sand. I just used our existing coffee table for size.  We like this look for joining the sides and legs – my hubby does this for me, he’s awesome! The screws are on the inside and they aren’t seen.
I fill in any nail holes on the outside from the pallet now.  Those boards are just resting on the top for now. They get screwed in from the underside later.
Then it’s the painting. I use two layers – a dark and a light or a light and then a dark color. We like dark legs with the tops having a dark color and then a light color. I go for shades of the same color and we get our paint free from our recycling depot or cheap mis-tints at the paint store. Then comes lot’s of sanding. Distress it until you are happy with the look.
Even with some wood showing looks good too.
I used stencils from The 36th Avenue.
So easy to use, just make sure your surface is clean.
When I was happy with the look, I gave it a coat of Polycrylic in matte to protect it and then it’s done. We like the fact that we can use it with kids around so it can get dinged up and that it was so cheap to make!

Thank you Desirée and The 36th Avenue blog for hosting my pallet coffee table tutorial!
~ Heather

Oh my!
Is this fabulous or what!
Heather I love the finish that you did, the numbers, the color…
I like everything ABOUT it!

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