Oh my!

I am so sick!

I’m not sure how I got this horrible cold but all the sniffing and the chills got me thinking that Fall is around the corner.

With a fever, still in my PJs and laying and in bed I put these three outfits together.

I’m not sure what tissues and Advil have to do with fashion…

but let me share with you what I came up with.


The Everyday Comfy Favorite

Nothing like a pair of jeans, a cute comfy sweatshirt, and a pair of classic Converse.

Dress it up with an adorable scarf, matching earrings and a tote.

Super cute, comfy and girly!


Layer UP!

The mornings soon are going to start getting cooler even though we’ll still have warm afternoons.

Layer up your Summer favorites with Fall cardigans.

Tone down the pastel bright colors of Summer with deeper strong colors as orange,

darker greens and beautiful gray neutrals.


Keep it Colorful

I don’t like how stores become so dark during Fall and Winter.

Keep the changing season fun with colorful accessories.

I love to incorporate yellow on my Fall wardrobe.


If there is one thing that I would recommend for anyone to get for Fall are scarves.

You can change the look of an outfit dramatically with such a simple accessory.

Have fun with them!


Well… That’s it!

I have nothing else to share besides a box of Kleenex and a fever.

I have the feeling you don’t want those!

Wait I can share one more thing!

If you want to see some more of my favorite fashion tips and outfit ideas check out my

Wear It Pinterest Board… There are so many cute outfit combos there.



Now I am going back to bed!

Happy Weekend my Friends!




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