Hello 36th Avenue readers, it’s me Angelina from JoJo and Eloise.

I can’t believe another month has already gone by and we have Summer in Full Swing!

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been needing projects that are, Quick and Easy. With kids being out of school, that means lots of play dates, extra daily activities and family vacations. Simply means very LITTLE time.

So today I thought I would share how I took an ordinary t-shirt, with a simple Tee Pee drawing and made one ADORABLE little shirt.

I am not even going to lie. This project literally took me all of 15 minutes to put together.

What you will need is:

A basic cotton t-shirt ( any color or size. I used one of his old stained shirts)

Acrylic Craft Paint and Fabric Medium,

(for more instructions on that you can go here to see the products I used).

Extra Fine Paint Brush!

NOTE: You could skip all this and just a good old fashioned Fabric Marker.

And, lastly a Design of choice. I drew out a basic Tee Pee with the Moon and Stars.

Place your Paper Drawing inside your t-shirt. As well as a piece of cardboard to protect from, paint bleeding through.

Using a pencil trace your design. If using a light colored fabric you will be able to see faint lines you can trace.

Then using your FINE paint brush, begin drawing on the pencil lines.

PicMonkey Collage


It’s as Simple as that!

When you are done, allow it dry and follow the instructions on your manufactures bottles. For Fabric Paint or If using Fabric Medium.


As you see here.

I ended up adding a few extra stars then what my original drawing had.

  How to paint a Tee Pee on a shirt by  

I am SO in LOVE with how this came out.


The possibilities are just ENDLESS!!


  How to paint a Tee Pee on a shirt by


15 minutes People!!

So what are you waiting for, start digging for that plain Old t-shirt. Look in your laundry (dirty or clean ) or in your kids dressers. And, get to painting!

Because there is some Serious Cuteness that needs to happen in your life today!


  How to paint a Tee Pee on a shirt by


I will be sharing on my blog later this month, how I made this Cute little Indian Headdress.

And, you know you don’t want to miss it!

Because!! It is just, WAY to0 Stinking Cute!!


Talk to you soon!


Thank you again Desiree for having me over.


Oh my cuteness!

I am making this t-shirt for sure… It is so adorable!

Thank you so much Angelina for sharing the tutorial.

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Angelina and Desiree

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