Today I am sharing a quick Christmas Ornament that I made

for one of my Christmas Trees.




Bakers Twine

Wood Beads



Scissors, pliers.



This is such a simple project that you could involve those little hands around you.

First cut the wire.

I cut mine 5.5” long.


Use the wire to thread the wood beads.

I mixed sizes in a pattern to make it a little more fun.


After you have as many beads as you like twist the ends of the wire together,

trying to connect the ends as close as possible.

Then use the pliers to roll the wire and cut the excess.


At this point you are ready to add the ribbon.


The last step is to add some Bakers Twine to hang the ornament.


We are done my friends!


You can paint or finish the beads.

I want my ornament to have a neutral, simple look.

Make it your own and have fun with it!

Look how cute they are hanging as a small wreath from the back of my chairs.


Sweet  little things!

Thank you for stopping by!



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