This DIY No-Sew Window Treatment is so easy to make and super affordable. All you need is a bunch of fabric scraps and it will take you about fifteen minutes to give your windows a brand new look. I love this no-sew valance for girl’s rooms and nurseries. Super cute! Take a look!

DIY No-Sew Window Valance Tutorial at ...Pin it NOW and make it later!




Curtain Rod


Fabric Scraps : I used a bunch of different fabrics that I had from other projects!


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Ready to make your valance? 


DIY No-Sew Window Valance Tutorial at ...Pin it NOW and make it later!



  1. Cut strips of different colored fabric scraps into different lengths and about 4 to 5 inches wide.
  2. Tie them to the curtain rod.
  3. Trim the ends to your liking.



I wanted to add a bit of polkadot burlap to my valance but it’s expensive so I made my own!



Piece of thick card-stock.

A circle punch – You can find it HERE

White Acrylic Paint- You can find it HERE

Flat brush to stencil – You can find it HERE



  1. Punch holes out of the card-stock. You want them to have the same distance between them to make a uniform pattern. I used as a guideline the previous hole, placing the  punch holder at the edge of the previous circle as shown in image two.
  2. Secure the stencil to your fabric with painter’s tape.
  3. Now it is time to paint. Make sure when you apply any paint on fabric that you tap the brush up and down. NEVER brush side to side.  Since you have the tape, you can lift the stencil from the fabric to make sure the entire surface of the circle is covered.When you put the stencil down it will go back to the right place as shown in image five. 
  4. Repeat the painting process until you cover the entire area and let the paint dry completely before you use the burlap. 


You are done! 

Stand back and enjoy your masterpiece!

DIY No-Sew Window Valance Tutorial at ...Pin it NOW and make it later!


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