My girl’s bedroom is almost done!

Today I will be painting the walls and hopefully in a few days I will start decorating the room.

They are so excited and I am too… I can’t wait to show you.

 Today however I am going to share my Mimi’s Lamp Makeover.

Here is the cutie!


Do you recognize the bow from yesterday’s tutorial?


Well this is the thing, we have three girls sharing one bedroom.

For us the challenge of doing such thing is not the space since we are turning a huge covered patio into a bedroom.

The challenge is to make a shared bedroom  show the individual personalities of the girls.

It is all about showing in one room three completely different people.


When I saw these lamps at Target I knew they had to be part of the room.

My oldest girl loves yellow, my middle girl loves blue and my Mimi loves PINK.

This lamp even though is not pink has a deep coral-red color that she loved as soon as she saw it.

There was just one problem, according to Mimi it looked like a boy!

Well, I knew how to change that.



The first thing I added was the bow.

You can click here to learn how to make a perfect bow in just a few minutes.


The second step was the tutu.

Our Mimi loves to dance, she has too many tutus and of course her lamp had to have one also.

All I did was to tie a piece of elastic around the lamp and cut pieces of tulle and tie it.


I purchased just 1/8 of yard of tulle for the entire tutu.

Then I added a piece of ribbon around the lamp gluing the ends in the back of it.


Nothing is actually glued to the lamp, that would give me the flexibility to change it as she grows.

The last step was to add these cute buttons that I found at Wal-Mart.

I used glue dots to connect them to the lamp.


In the end Mimi’s lamp looks just like…Mimi, standing out from her sisters… just for now!


So here is the beginning of my girls’ bedroom.

I love the happy color palette of their room:

gray, yellow, blue, the delicious coral red and a lot of whites!


I’ll be back tomorrow with the night stand makeover.

I can’t wait for you all to see it!


Happy Tuesday!



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