I am sharing today a simple tutorial of how to give your clock a Halloween festive look.

I love how easy, quick and affordable it was to make this Halloween Clock.

Here it is…


I found my clock at Target for under $4.00.



The first thing I did was to take the plastic clear cover off the clock and place

some plastic ring bats from the Dollar Store on the places where I would like them to be.

Just to give me an idea.


After I cut the back of the rings…


…and then I added some glue dots to them.


The next step was to glue them in place.


Before I put the cover back I made sure the hands of the clock could circulate

on top of the bats without touching them.


I put the cover back and I was done!

You can hang it or put it on an easel as I did.


If you don’t like the bats use spiders, skeletons or any other thing you like.

Easy, affordable and a great décor idea for Halloween.

You can even remove the bats after Halloween is over and use it as a regular clock again. 


So easy!

I hope to see you back at 6:30 pm ready to party and link up your projects!

See you later!



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