Yesterday we came back from spending a few days in San Diego

and this is what I found inside of my mail box…



It is not secret that I love Pick Your Plum products but I have to admit

I was tickled by the surprise and the cute note… So sweet!


As soon as I opened the box I spied these adorable wooden earrings.


I loved the natural tone of the wood so I thought – Hmm… What about if I use my favorite pattern

{ stripes } and add some Gold Leaf Finish to it.

{ You can find the Gold Leaf Finish at your Home Improvement Stores }


I grabbed some vinyl that I had and I cut equal strips using my paper cutter.

I stuck the vinyl to the earrings and I painted the areas with nothing on it.

{ Make sure you mix the finish thoroughly and apply with a single stroke }



When the Gold Leaf Finish was dried I peeled off the vinyl.

I was done and I love them!


Do you like them?

Make sure you subscribe to Pick Your Plum so when they come around again you don’t miss

these cute Wooden Earrings. You can create some of your own!


Happy Monday!



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