Today I am sharing a colorful and super fun quick tutorial.

My Anni is having her birthday today and I made for her party

these Cardboard Frames.


Yesterday I went to our local thrift store looking for  frames  to spray paint but they didn’t have

cute shapes and I was not excited about bringing more things into my home.

Back in the car the idea of making our own frames came to me… Oh the inspiration!

The rest was history…

On a cardboard  box we traced the shape of other adorable frames that we had.


Then we used an exacto knife to cut the frame.

I am not going to lie the cardboard was thick, you may want to use a foam board… but what can I say?

The box was free!

I also used scissors for some areas, try them both and go with what works better for you.


Then my little helper took care of the painting!


All we had left was to wait for them to dry…


They are so fun and perfect for birthday party decorations or photo props!

The kids love them and we hope you like them… Oh cuteness!


Talking about parties… I can’t wait to see what you made this week.

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Now I better go the birthday party for Anni is almost here and I still have to finish the cake,

finish decorating and come up with some birthday party games

…I love crazy!

Have fun!