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I am sharing with you this DIY Flower Pin Tutorial
flower pin -039
I had some left over Fleece Fabric from my Diy Fingerless Gloves project I shared here.
( you could use whatever fabric you have on hand. Cotton’s, Flannel, Satin’s, lace, etc… )
fingerless gloves 049
I cut just slightly over 1 inch strips on the fold of the fabric giving me the full length of the fabric,
for long strips.
Using my scissors I snipped the fleece into fringe, being sure not to cut all the way through.
flower pin col
With both of my strips now prepared, I began rolling my red strip and tacking it in place with a dab of glue every few roles. You can hand stitch if you would prefer not to use hot glue.
flower pin col2


This is what the Front and Back of your flower will look like.
flower pin 8
I then cut a separate piece of my red fleece, shaping it to fit the form of my flowers and then hot glued some pins on the back.
Since my flowers were big and heavy I hot glued pins on the back of each flower.

flower pin col 3


This project LITERALLY took me less than 10 minutes to make.
So when you find yourself (like me) running to a last minute New Years Eve party and are in need for something quick to show everyone that you are ready to celebrate,
this may just be the solution for you!
flower pin -02


Hey, just think!
If you get started now you may even be able to make some Extras to give away as gifts!
But! Then again, look whose talking! Mrs. Last Minute herself! 🙂
   May your New Year, be Happy, Joyful and Very Blessed!!!
Thank you Desiree, for having me over once again to share with your blogging friends.


So cute and easy!

This flower pin also would make a great Stocking Stuffer or adorable hear accesories.

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