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My name is Angelina and you can find me blogging over at Ruby Jean’s.

I LOVE everything from Crafting, Sewing, Diy projects, Antiquing and trying out new recipes is always fun. I am so VERY thrilled to be here today and I look forward to sharing some fun tutorials with you in the future.


The Holiday’s are quickly approaching and I know that many of us have the idea of GIFT GIVING on our minds.

So today I am going to share with you a VERY simple DIY gift that can easily be whipped together in no time flat.


You will first want to choose your fabrics and embellishments.


Since these are going to be used as Hot Pads, I chose a batting that would be durable and withstand the heat. ( I purchased mine at Joann’s )





Using one of my pots as a template, I traced and cut out my pattern.


I pinned and basted my trim onto one of my pattern pieces, with the batting attached as well. This will just help insure there is no moving when you sew the top piece on. Be sure to leave a small opening for turning right sides out.

I repeated the same process 3 other times, each with a different sized pot and different fabric.

Press them with a hot iron.

At this point you can Top Stitch or Leave them as is.

I’m kind of liking them, as is.

These little hot pads offer endless amounts of creativity. You can personalize them for special occasions, Birthdays, Weddings, Housewarming’s and even for the Holiday’s.

So don’t just sit there!!

Get to making some Hot Pads and get your GIFT GIVING on!!

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Oh my goodness!

How cute are those?

I am so honored to have Angelina as one of The 36th AVENUE contributors.

Her work never ceases to amaze me.

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I am a huge fan of  Ruby Jean.

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