Halloween Decorations don’t have to be expensive. DIY Halloween Crafts are so fun to make and today I’m sharing how to make a Halloween Village in minutes for ten dollar! I love this!

Halloween Decor - Make this DIY Halloween Village for ten dollars at the36thavenue.com So awesome!



You gotta to love the Dollar Store!

Where else can you get a Halloween Village for $10?

Check out ours… My kids love it!

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Village by the36thavenue.com



At the Dollar Store they now have their Christmas houses, trees and little ceramic figurines.

Get as many as you want to be part of your village.


We chose  the people that could look a bit suspicious.

The man caring a bag on his back, the people burying something.

Eek… so spooky!


The first thing you want to do is to spray paint everything in black.

The faces of the figurines are scary as they are so we put some play dough on top of them to protect them from the paint.


After, it was time to turn the village dark.

Spray paint everything, the houses, the trees, the people.

Don’t worry about painting it perfectly.


To give the houses and the figurines some dimension I used Glitter Gloss Enamels.


I didn’t paint the entire houses with the enamel, just a little bit here and there to highlight the roofs

and the frames of the doors and windows… the same with the figurines, just a few highlights.

Look at the people, they don’t look so sweet anymore.

Boo Waa Haaaa Haaa Haaa!


At this point all we had to do was to display the Village.

Make it look realistic, use boxes and candle holders to make different levels.


Add fake spider webs to give the effect of fog and lights to create shadows.

We even added some glue dots to the plastic bats we found also at the Dollar Store.

{ They were bat rings, just cut the backs off of them}


So? Are you going to make your own?

So spooky!


Last year I did something similar for Christmas.

I gave a Dollar Store Christmas Village a makeover.

I loved how they turned out. So pretty.

You can see the tutorial for our DIY Christmas Village here.


Don’t you love Halloween?


 We do!



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