I’ve been wanting to show you this DIY Christmas Decoration Idea… A few weeks ago I received in the mail a wonderful package full of Martha Stewart Crafts and it was instant love. The pretty stencils and the gorgeous Christmas colors inspired me to create these Decoupage Platters.

Here they are in our Family Room…


For this project you will need…

Martha Stewart Decoupage Papers, 

Decoupage Brushes, 

1 Bottle of Martha Stewart Multi Surface Decoupage ~ Gloss Finish

You can find the Martha Stewart Crafts line in-store at Michaels or in Plaid’s online store.

Also you’ll need a surface to work on. You can find these metal platters at your local Dollar Store.

Spray or Acrylic Paint


The first thing you want to do is prepare your surface. 

I spray painted my metal platters in a glossy red and white color.

Let them dry completely before you proceed.


Choose the decoupage papers you would like to use for your design.

I went with the snow flakes. The adorable deer and Christmas Trees actually came from the 

Martha Stewart Craft Christmas Stencils. I just popped them out and spray painted them.

I like to place the items  on top of my surface to have an idea of how I want the final project to look.


It is time to have some fun and decoupage.

1. With a brush apply the Multi- Surface Durable Gloss Finish to the entire surface

and also to the back of the papers you are going to use. This first coat will act like glue.

2. While wet place your Decoupage Papers on top of the surface, creating your design.

3. Brush the Decoupage Solution one more time over the entire design and let it dry.

The drying time will depend on the decoupage you use so make sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle.

Let me tell you something cool about this product…

This decoupage is dishwasher safe my dear!

After they are dry you are ready to display them in your home!

Aren’t they so cute?

You can also hot glue ribbon to the back of the platters and hang them instead.

I glued some pom poms to one of my platters to make it look like snow.

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Thank you for visiting with me today friends!



This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts. All opinions are 100% mine