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Hello friends!
Today I’m sharing with you a new fun place that I just discovered a few weeks ago.
dio is a new creative and social experience that allows anyone to make and explore unique places based on anything you love and would like to share.

dio places are personal and public spaces filled with pictures, videos, text and even interactive objects.

As a user you can explore streets, projects, ideas, activities… just like you can in the real world!

Let me show you one of my dio places: Easy DIY Projects and Recipes.



When you visit my dio place you can click on the different rooms that I have created inside:

Kid Crafts and Activities, Recipes, DIY for the Home, DIY Crafts, Handmade Gifts.

dio rooms


When you visit  these rooms you can open different albums.

As visitors click  on their favorite images I share with them a little more information about them.

What a great way to let  your readers, family, and friends learn more about the things you love!

dio albums


What I like the most about dio is that it is user friendly.

They have a ton of step by step video tutorials to help us create the perfect place.

I love that we can keep some places private and other places public.

dio is a perfect place to organize your ideas or to share with the world your interests and hobbies

in places devoted to the things you love.

We would love for you to visit, explore, play and create your own place in dio.

To inspire you to do so we are hosting a $100 Amazon gift card giveaway.

How To Enter:

  1. Leave me a comment  using the same email address you used to create a dio account.

(*The winner must be an active dio user)

For additional entries and giveaway information check out the Contest Rules.

Also we want to invite you to  Like dio on Facebook!

Now go visit dio and create a place of your own!

Stop by and check out my places.

You can find me and follow me under the username

The 36th Avenue.

See you there!




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