I am not sure how my house madness makeover started but I am having too much fun to stop now! 

The dining room started with our hutch makeover and the next thing I redid was the forgotten corner… 

 Corner 2

Trust me this corner was in great need of a makeover… this is how it used to look.

I know what you are thinking… SAD.

corner 1


The Table

The table was not a table…it was actually a vanity.



The chair didn’t use to be a chair but a barstool. Nothing that a jig saw couldn’t change…



The silverware display used to be a frame that looked like this…


Some paint


and distressing…


 …made it look like an old modern art.


I like it!


The dark display box got some paint love too…


…and I added some accesories that screamed Canary Islands.

{Make sure your home says your story}


When I put it all together I ended with a corner that once was forgotten and now is a focal point.

You see what a little love can do… it changes furniture, accesories and everything it touches.


Next post will be the entire dining room reveal… I can’t wait to show you.

  Thank you for visiting my blog!

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