I think you know by now that I have a little love for neutrals!


As I was working on my kitchen during the weekend I was reminded that mix and match neutrals is not an easy task.

Tan and white paint can look yellowish or pinkish when the light touches them.

{ Make sure they have no red or purple in their formula.

Ask before you purchase your paint.

You want your white and tan paints to have brown or gray as part of the formula instead.}


On the other hand another challenge is to make a space decorated with neutral colors feel cozy and warm.

Whites are naturally beautiful cool colors.

Therefore they can make a room feel a little bit… cold

but they bring a fresh and clean feeling to any room.


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To balance that coolness you need to incorporate warm natural neutrals.

My favorites are organic fabrics { as burlap and linens } and different shades of woods and metals.

Here is a perfect example for you…


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So how do you make it that perfect?

Here are three simple neutralicious tips for you.





There are so many elements that make that bedroom perfect.

   Let’s take a second look…

    The color of the wall has a light gray undertone. It is an antique white.

This color brings depth to the room and the natural  lighting will create gorgeous shadows adding texture.

{ Don’t go too dark }

The bedding is made with a natural color linen and I love the simplicity of the true white sheeting.


To balance the coldness of the antique white color they used different shades of wood,

ceramics, metal and black iron. Oh! What a perfect combo.

Here is another space with similar elements.


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In the bedroom picture the height of the headboard, the oversize lamp

and the rustic nail tags in the headboard  add interest and drama to the room.

In this living room the same effect is accomplished with the different heights of the armoire,

window, form bust and oversize plants.

They are both GORGEOUS rooms…


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Another way to make neutrals simply delicious is mixing styles.

Some modern and industrial pieces against some country and vintage furniture.

Check out this next kitchen and pay attention to how great all these different styles work together.

The Lamp is SUPER modern, the armoire is SUPER country and the bar-stools SUPER industrial.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match… just stay away from clutter!


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Here is another perfect example.

Modern retro home accessories paired with French Cottage Country furniture, floor and ceilings.


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 The colors in this room take me to my last Neutralicous Trick…



Black and White.

I love decorating with white and black.

The number one element to make this type of decor work is


If you don’t have it your walls will look gray and the high crisp contrast that make this opposite color work so well will be gone!

If you have the light… you have a treasure.


 There are basic elements that will make a black and white room go from dentist office kind of look

to Hello I am Chic and Look At Me!



Bring interest with pictures.

The different shapes of the images will add character and visual depth.

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Make it bold!

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with oversize elements.

{ I can’t wait for you to see my kitchen decor… just a few BIG Items

instead of a bunch of smaller ones }

This next room shows us the magic of boldness.

What a way to create serious drama in a simple way.


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Because you have just two colors you can go CRAZY with patterns.

I love the stripes…

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Trust me… You can go CRAZY!

Check out this super cute chalboard polka dot wall…

Just remember do NOT cover those windows 😉

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So there you have it…

Mix and match colors, materials, styles, be bold, keep it clean and bright

and you’ll get NEUTRALICIOUS!

If you want to see more amazing rooms and neutral home decor

feel free to visit my Neutralicous Board and my Blacklicious Board on Pinterest.

Well… Now I better go. I have a kitchen to finish!


Happy Monday!



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