I am so excited about the fact that Christmas is almost HERE!

In our family we have one activity that we do each day and on Saturday it was Christmas Craft Time!
This is a perfect activity for Christmas Break… just around the corner!
This is what the children did!
…I am such a proud mama!
All you need for this project is clay, paint, brushes, cookie cutters and things around the house to make designs.
This first step is CRUCIAL for success: TURN ON THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
This project is about having a good time…
It is going to get messy so you may want to use tin foil, or some type of paper for the children to work on top of.
Family messes are the best!



Let the children  get their own piece of clay and have them roll it as thick as they want their ornament to be…
About 1/4 of an inch is about perfect!
Here is Anni showing us how it is done!



With the help of cookie cutters they will have fun making the shape of their ornaments…
They will have instant gratification, so you are going to hear a bunch  of “mama… mama… look at mine!”
{ I love their little sweets hands… so cute! }


The next thing we did was to take out the extra clay…
Make sure you put it right back inside of the container so you can reuse it.
Here is my Devin showing us how 😉
For the next step you may want to give them a hand helping them  push the clay out of the cookie cutter.
Do this gently you don’t want the clay to crack.


Right after this step the ornaments went right back to their hands…
With the help of forks, straws and the back of the paint brushes they did all type of designs.
I love to see their creativity… Here is Saydi working on one of hers.


By the end we had quite of a collection…
 I think they did a great JOB… Don’t you?
We didn’t let our clay dry.
We went right away and started painting our ornaments.
Excitement was in the air!

 Here we have little Mimi showing us the perfect color for her Christmas Tree:  PINK!

{ I always tell my kids that there is not a right way for creativity… inspiration comes in every shade of color and every form of shape.

It is beautiful to see how they create in their own YOUnique way }


…Then all we had left was to give the ornaments  some shine.
For this we used DecoART EXTRAORDINARY  Glamour Dust Paint. 
I love this paint!
Honestly everyone should have them at home…
You can find them HERE or at your local Craft Stores.
…After the glitter we  let them dry for over 24 hours.


The next day we added some baker’s twine…



We found ours at Michaels…


And we were ready to hang the ornaments from the tree…

Don’t forget the music!


…Here they are!

I think they did an amazing job!



So much FUN!



 Have a Happy Tuesday!


me 😉


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